I “went natural” more than 15 years ago and remember driving 20 miles to buy an expensive product that I read “worked on everyone.” I tried using that product several times, several ways only to find out it didn’t work for me and it sat under my sink for years. I started River City Rep as a means to save you the drive and the money. River City Rep gives women the opportunity to try several products for the price of one!

“I LOVE IT. Why? It definitely is an easy and affordable way to try products that have been on my list or ones that I have not even heard of before. I am also a major product junkie, so it gives me my fix right to my doorstep. ”

…you’ve probably spent more money in the first few months on products for your hair than you’ve spent over the last few years combined. And if by chance you’ve just “gone natural”, not only are you spending money trying to find what works, you’ve likely become increasingly frustrated with each purchase. The solution to this problem is River City Rep, an exclusive, affordable and effortless way to explore hair care products delivered to your doorstep each month.