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Full given name: Blayne Nutron Weaver – The Nutron is pronounced “Neutron” and was my late grandfather’s first name. Weird, I know but I dig it, mostly because no one believes it’s REALLY my middle name.        

Hometown: Bossier City, LA             

Zodiac sign: Aries

At heart, city or country boy? Even before I ever left Northwest Louisiana, I knew I was a city boy.  I’ve always wanted the excitement and energy I saw in the movies. Plus, Batman is from Gotham City and you know what they say: “Always be yourself… Unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman.”

On your tombstone it will say:
He raged against the dying of the light.

The life lesson you were taught that you don’t use:
You should really make a monthly budget and stick to it.
Yeah. I don’t do that.

Best and worst audition experience:
BEST: Got to read with Burt Reynolds and I made The Bandit laugh.

WORST: I once had to learn a routine and then sing and dance for a Comcast commercial. Neither are my strong suit, I felt ridiculous and I refused to go to the callback.

At this point in your life, the biggest missed opportunity:
I should have been Pacey in “Dawson’s Creek”. The producers disagreed but I’m right.

Why regional companies are important to theatre:
Theater means so much. It was my first glimpse at a world outside of Bossier. Seeing professional actors doing important work the way it’s supposed to be done can be an almost spiritual experience.

First professional theatre production you ever saw:
I saw “Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway when I was 13. Though I had been doing theater since I was 5, the spectacle of the production was like nothing I had experienced. It choked me up and I couldn’t speak for an hour after because I was worried I would break into tears.

If you could go back in time and catch any performer or production on Broadway, who or what would it be?
“Streetcar Named Desire” with Marlon Brando and Jessica Tandy.

Website most frequented:
Probably Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB)

One CD you could not live without:
Bon Jovi- “Slippery When Wet”.

Last book you read:
Henry Miller’s “Tropic of Cancer”.

Must-see TV show:
“Breaking Bad”. I know everyone says that but it’s so good. SO GOOD.

Last good movie you saw:
I rewatched “Casablanca” last night. SO GOOD.

First stage kiss:
Freshman year of High School where I played Danny Zuko in “Grease”. That kiss was a big deal.

Worst missed cue and/or onstage mishap:
While doing a children’s theater production of “Lady and the Tramp”, I heard my cue over the monitor… unfortuntaely I had been playing cards and was NOT in costume. I had to run downstairs to the dressing rooms and throw on my costume. The poor actress had been alone on stage for at least three minutes when I finally stumbled on saying my lines. I was dressed as an animal and when I entered people started laughing. I gave a glance to the audience and I realized that a pair of women’s pantyhose was hanging from the velcro of my headpiece. Yup. That was pretty dumb.

Worst costume ever:
The above mentioned Beaver costume.


I played an alien in the television series “The Middleman” and I had a ton of latex make-up on. The make-up didn’t make me look as much like an alien as it did a way older, fatter, crazier version of me.


Best costume ever:
A cowboy in the film “The Good Old Boys” with chaps, hat and kerchief around my neck.

Favorite role (professional or amateur) to date:
I do the voice of Peter Pan for Disney and I love it.

Role you would most like to play:
Hamlet… and Stanley from “Streetcar” or Trip from “Other Desert Cities” or… all of them. I want to play all of them.

Actor that most inspires you:
The actor I always think of as inspiration is a guy who never got his shot. He was great and I admired his skill but he never had that lucky break. I feel like I’ve had that lucky break and whenever I work, he’s my inspiration to try and earn it.

Director you would most like to work with: 
Martin Scorsese

Favorite playwright:
Aside from Bill Shakes I’ll go with Neil LaBute

Film or play that had the most lasting and profound impact:
Probably the first play I ever saw, which might be “The Wizard Of Oz”, but who can tell? I went and saw plays by the Peter Pan Players since as far back as I can remember and the impact they had on me was… I can do that. I knew it from such a young age that I started acting at 5. And I haven’t stopped.

Worst show or production you ever saw:
I saw a show where an actress vomited in the play but then the tiny venue filled with a stench. Turns out the “fake vomit” had been left out and gone sour. The show continued for another hour.

Worst thing a director has asked you to do:
I had a director of a commercial ask me to say something terrible to the actress I was working with because he thought the Ad Guys would get a kick out of it… It wasn’t funny and kind of offensive and not at all the friendship I had formed with my fellow actor.  I did it. And regretted it. No one thought it was funny but at the end of the day, it was the actor who said it and not the jerk who wrote the line. Good lesson.

Favorite holiday:
Halloween. Love getting to dress up in my favorite “ironic character that will get the best laugh” costume.

Most dreaded holiday:
Actually, I dread my favorite holiday Halloween because the parties are always a disappointment.

Worst job ever:  
My worst job was my first job as a stockboy at KMART. I was also expected to provide security. I was 15.

One vice you can’t quite give up:
I drink. I write and I drink.
AND I love Diet Coke. So, I’m probably doomed.

Favorite junk food:
Comic book movies.

Favorite non-theatre related pastime:
I studied English Literature at UCLA so, to make my degree worth something I’m going to say: Reading a good book.

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